Pentesting for Small Business

Efficiently pinpoint and address your vulnerabilities by leveraging Automated Network Penetration Testing, which provides real-time insights into potential risks and security breaches within your infrastructure



Introducing vPentest, your next-gen penetration testing platform!

Dive into a world where the collective wisdom of top consultants, cutting-edge techniques, and popular tools all come together. With vPenTest, enjoy rapid, accurate, and consistent network security checks, all at an unbeatable price! 

Say goodbye to human errors and hello to a future that’s continuously evolving. Thanks to our dynamic research and development, we're revolutionizing the way penetration tests are done. Welcome to the brighter side of cybersecurity with vPenTest! 


What's a pentest and why does my small business need one?

A pentest is a rigorous assessment where experts methodically challenge your system's defenses. For small businesses, this isn't merely a technical exercise; it's a shield against significant threats. Ensuring robust security is paramount in today's digital era to protect sensitive data, uphold your reputation, and prevent substantial financial losses.


Benefits of Penetration Testing With Us: 

  Run a penetration test on your schedule: We offer scheduling flexibility. Let us know what day and time you’d like us to perform your penetration test and we can get it scheduled immediately with no delays.

  Real-time Notifications: Notifications are always sent out when the penetration test starts and stops, keeping important individuals in the know as to when things are going on. This is also helpful in case there are some alerts that get triggered.

  Reports that Drive Results: The data provided in the reports will always be highly informative. How these risks affect your organization, where your organization stands compared to its peers, how this compares to the last assessment, etc. are all examples of data that are included in each report.

  Affordability: Our pricing is very competitive when compared to traditional penetration testing firms but provides a lot more value for the same or smaller price point.

  Transparency at Your Fingertips: Your IT team can always log into their portal to get a list of contacts involved in the project, communicate with our consultant, as well as get a progress update that provides preliminary results and expected completion dates.

  Reduce Turnaround Time for Detection and Response: Because all activities are tracked, including any manual activities conducted by a consultant, organizations can download this activity log and correlate activities with their SIEM and incident response procedures. This is extremely useful in helping organizations make adjustments and tweak their controls, reducing the turnaround time for detection and response.

Our platform vPenTest, is backed by consultants with over 10 years of experience, holding certifications ranging from CISSP, eCPPT, OSCP, OSCE, CEH, and more. We have conducted hundreds of security assessments for hundreds of clients within various industries, and we’ve taken the most valuable strengths and combined them into a platform that allows our customers to have high quality assessments performed at their own convenience.

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Finally, an affordable solution that removes the challenges for businesses when it comes to looking for a quality network penetration test. Learn more about why vPenTest provides more value than traditional penetration test engagements. 



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