Why IT Support is Not Cybersecurity

08.01.23 12:31 AM By Ron Kulik

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Why IT Support is Not Cybersecurity

In the world of technology, terms like IT support and cybersecurity are often thrown around interchangeably. However, these two fields, while interconnected, are fundamentally different. Understanding the difference between IT support and cybersecurity is crucial for businesses to ensure they are adequately protected and supported.

IT Support: The Tech Helpdesk

IT support, often referred to as tech support or helpdesk, is a reactive service that focuses on solving immediate technical issues that users face. These issues can range from simple tasks like password resets, software installations, and hardware troubleshooting, to more complex tasks like network connectivity issues or server maintenance.

The primary role of IT support is to ensure that the day-to-day operations of a business run smoothly. They are the first line of defense when something goes wrong with your technology. They are reactive in nature, meaning they respond to issues as they arise. 

Cybersecurity: The Digital Shield

On the other hand, cybersecurity is a proactive field that focuses on protecting systems, networks, and data from digital attacks. These attacks often aim to access, change, or destroy sensitive information, interrupt normal business processes, or extort money from users.

Cybersecurity involves various strategies and technologies to provide security from cyber threats. The Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) are two critical components of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure. The NOC is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the network infrastructure, while the SOC focuses on detecting and responding to security incidents.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is another crucial aspect of cybersecurity. EDR tools continuously monitor and gather data from endpoints to detect, investigate, and prevent potential threats. 

One of the most significant threats in the digital world is ransomware. A ransomware attack can encrypt your data, making it inaccessible until a ransom is paid. Cybersecurity measures like ransomware roll back are essential to recover from such attacks without paying the ransom. 

The Intersection and the Distinction

While both IT support and cybersecurity are essential for the smooth operation of a business, they serve different purposes. IT support is reactive, responding to issues as they occur, while cybersecurity is proactive, implementing measures to prevent potential threats.

It's like comparing a doctor to a fitness trainer. The doctor treats you when you're sick (reactive), while the fitness trainer helps you stay healthy and prevent illness (proactive). Both are essential for your overall health, but they play different roles.

In conclusion, while IT support and cybersecurity are interconnected, they are not the same. Businesses need to understand this distinction to ensure they have both the reactive support necessary for daily operations and the proactive security measures to protect against cyber threats. By recognizing the unique roles of IT support and cybersecurity, businesses can create a more secure and efficient technological environment.

Ron Kulik