• Endpoint Backup Protection

    Boost Your Data Security with the Best in Endpoint Backup PROTECTIONS!

    Are you tired of worrying about data loss? Is downtime affecting your productivity? We've got the perfect solution for you - Our advanced Endpoint Backup Protection. Trusted by our clients, we ensure your data stays safe, secure, and accessible, no matter where you are.


Experience the Best of Endpoint Backup Protection

When it comes to endpoint backup protection, we've got it all. Our commitment is to keep your data safe, secure, and always within reach. No need to worry about data loss or system downtime, as our cloud backup solution will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Full Device Cloud Backup

Every piece of information from your PC is safeguarded. From files to apps, from settings to boot information, everything is backed up securely in the cloud

Recover Individual Files & Folders

Do you need to recover a file or folder after an accidental deletion? Oops! Easily recover specific files or folders from the cloud without restoring the entire backup. Even if you deleted the file 6 months ago!

File Versioning

  1. Track and restore previous versions of your files, ensuring you never lose important changes.

Ransomware Recovery

With our cloud ransomware protection feature, In the unfortunate event of a ransomware attack, on your computer, our solution helps you recover your files without paying the ransom.

Automatic Daily Testing

We test your backup daily to ensure it's always ready for a seamless restore. We verify your backup boots up completely and correctly (right in the cloud) and email you a screenshot.

No Additional Hardware Required

Our agent-based endpoint backup protection means you can seamlessly integrate our cloud-based backup solution into your operations without the need to invest in or maintain extra equipment.


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