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The Essential Role of Password Management
Explore the vital role of password managers in preventing 80% of data breaches, enhancing cybersecurity and ensuring secure data access
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The Rapid Evolution of Cyber Threats
60% of phishing sites disappear within 10 minutes. Google Chrome's Enhanced Safe Browsing offers real-time URL checks against malicious domains. While it shares visited URLs with Google, it prioritizes user security. Safemode IT's Ron Kulik urges businesses to prioritize cybersecurity tools.
10.10.23 01:14 AM - Comment(s)
Ransomware Rollback: Mitigating the Impact and Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Ransomware attacks continue to pose a significant threat to organizations worldwide. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, the need for effective countermeasures becomes even more crucial. In this listicle, we present five essential steps to help you implement a successful ransomware rollback...

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Scary stat: 87% of businesses hit by this in the last year
This blog post highlights the increasing risk of cyber attacks on SMBs, explains common types, factors contributing to attacks, and offers five preventive security measures.
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Worried about leaving your laptop unlocked? With Bluetooth auto-locking, secure your Windows 10 computer without disrupting your work. Learn how to use your phone as a key for locking/unlocking your computer!


Automatically locking your device with your phone’s Bluetoot...

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You’ve completed your annual cybersecurity training. This includes teaching employees how to spot phishing emails. You’re feeling good about it. That is until about 5-6 months later. Your company suffers a costly ransomware infection due to a click on a phishing link.

You wonder why yo...

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What is NIST? An easy explanation for anyone.
NIST sets standards in tech & science to ensure safety & promote innovation. It's like a rule-maker for gadgets, cybersecurity, & more!
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Texas HB 3834 Cybersecurity Awareness Training Requirements
Texas HB 3834 requires businesses in Texas to provide annual cybersecurity awareness training to employees handling personal identifying information.
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