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The Essential Role of Password Management
Explore the vital role of password managers in preventing 80% of data breaches, enhancing cybersecurity and ensuring secure data access
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Ransomware Rollback: Mitigating the Impact and Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

Ransomware attacks continue to pose a significant threat to organizations worldwide. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, the need for effective countermeasures becomes even more crucial. In this listicle, we present five essential steps to help you implement a successful ransomware rollback...

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The Hidden Dangers of Free VPNs: Are You at Risk? 
Can you trust a free VPN service?
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Strengthening Cybersecurity: The Power of Collaboration between General Counsel and CISO
Discover the importance of collaboration between the General Counsel and the Chief Information Security Officer in cybersecurity. This post, featuring insights from Ron Kulik of SafeMode IT, highlights the need for a holistic approach and a culture of transparency in managing cyber risks.
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Stop! And think, before you act on that email
Are you protecting your business from Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks? They have cost businesses billions - and they’re getting harder to detect. Here’s how to stay safe
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Why Email Security is a Must for Small Businesses in Kyle, Texas
Discover why email security is crucial for small businesses in our latest blog. Learn about threats like Business Email Compromise and secure your digital future with SafeMode IT.
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What is NIST? An easy explanation for anyone.
NIST sets standards in tech & science to ensure safety & promote innovation. It's like a rule-maker for gadgets, cybersecurity, & more!
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Misconfiguration of cloud solutions is often overlooked when companies plan cybersecurity strategies. Cloud apps are typically quick and easy to sign up for. The user often assumes that they don’t need to worry about security because it’s handled.

This is an incorrect assumption because cloud securit...

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